Happy 2018 – Day 186 – The Mindfulness Shield

I was thinking about Mindfulness the other day and how it can help adults and children to become more emotionally resilient. And I was struck by this analogy.

Mindfulness is your shield; your protection.

When you first start practising, this shield can feel awkward and heavy to carry. Because you’re just not used to it. But if you do keep your shield with you, even on those really good days where you feel like you didn’t even need it, then it will be there to protect you on the harder days.

playdo shield

Some days life can feel like a battlefield – days where everything that can go wrong, does. And some days can be utterly perfect, until arrows start falling from the sky, right towards your head.

There’s just nothing we can do to control or stop events occurring at times like this. Perhaps with our shields up, some arrows might still break through and scrape us; they may even draw blood.

But if we have our shield, we’ll be okay. We’ll be protected.

If we maintain that distance from our thoughts, we’ll know that although we can’t control chaos around us, we can make a choice as to what we focus on; where we send our attention; whether we see something as all bad, or maybe find that silver lining.

If we maintain that distance from our thoughts, we might just be that little bit more careful to react too. This might be the difference between staying safely under your shield and waiting for the arrows pass, or impatiently running into the fray. The consequences of those two options are very different….




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