Happy 2018 – Day 145 – Happy Heart Meditation

In keeping with the theme of mindfulness, here’s a ‘Happy Heart Meditation.’ I used this with kids mostly in my mindfulness workshops, but I find it thoroughly lovely myself too. I just love this meditation because of the feelings and emotions of gratitude, love and kindness that it invokes. It’s a great one to do on a bad day!

Here we go! 

  1. Lie or sit down comfortably. Allow your eyes to close gently. Take a few moments to notice your breath and then direct your attention to your heart.
  2. You might want to put your hands on your heart and feel it beating.
  3. Think about your amazing It beats over 100,00 times a day. It even beats when you sleep! It keeps you alive, without even being asked. Send some love to your amazing heart, and say thank you for all it does.
  4. As well as keeping us alive, your heart also gives love – for no reason. It allows you to think of others and send them kindness, through your words, thoughts and actions.
  5. Your heart also receives love from others – again, for no reason. Think of all the wonderful feelings you’ve experienced in your life thanks your heart, receiving love and kindness from other people and even yourself.
  6. Because your heart is open, you might also have experienced pain and sadness and upset in your life. This is part of life for everyone. If we didn’t experience the sadness, then the happiness wouldn’t seem as happy.
  7. Imagine now that your heart is like a secret room inside of your body. A room with strong walls to cope with the waves of upset that sometimes strike. Imagine that you are walking towards that room; towards your heart. As you get nearer, you notice the strong, thick walls that protect it. Your heart seems small from the outside, but as you open the door and walk inside you notice that it’s actually enormous! Enormous…and beautiful. You see that the walls are painted with happy memories and moments – times when you were happy and joyful; when you felt good about yourself, or good about other people; times when you felt peaceful and relaxed. Spend a few moments looking at the walls inside your heart and noticing all those great moments that your heart has saved, just for you.
  8. Gradually return your awareness to your breath, before slowly opening your eyes and bringing awareness back to the room. Now smile, and remember that you can visit your amazing heart like this any time you wish.

Enjoy your day xxx

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