Are you Fighting for your Limitations?

Last week, I talked about my recent revelation that I’m perhaps not as open-minded or willing to learn new things as I had thought I was; that when it comes to doing things differently within my hobbies, relationships, diet or exercise regime, I’ve allowed myself to become comfortable within a fixed mindset.

As I said, I’m working on it. I’m learning to play guitar and cello, I’ve started sewing (yikes!) and opted for random HIIT and dance workouts rather than just going on the exercise bike every day. I’ve been trying new meals and recipes, taking alternative routes to places I frequently visit and working on how I communicate with Mr. G.

In essence, that I’m doing is much less about specific tasks and more about just challenging myself to do something differently, to actually putting effort into my personal life rather than just doing what I always do as if it’s set in stone.

I want to bring the same energy, motivation and creativity that I enjoy in my professional life, into my life-life. Because OF COURSE I do!

Of course, it’s not been easy. Negative thoughts have been had, frustration and sulkiness has ensued, heated words have been spoken. My brain wants to rebel against the changes that I’m making; it longs to return to how things were before, when life required much less effort and we knew what we’d be doing day after day. It doesn’t appreciate the labour of active learning or the natural discomfort that goes hand-in-hand with expanding my comfort zone.

It’s getting better though. In those moments when I’m on the edge of a hissy fit, an argument or ready to throw in the towel because I want to watch Kitchen Nightmares much more than practising guitar or playing chess, I’m managing to catch myself, to take a breath. In these moments, I remember a quote from learning coach Jim Kwik,

“If you fight for your limitations, you get to keep them.”

And I remember, that I don’t want to keep them, so I better surrender.

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