Quick Empathy-Hack: what if we’re all just doing our best?

What if, before we judged someone to be unworthy or undeserving; to not be trying hard enough or doing what they ‘should’…. God came down as told us,

“Look. This person is doing the best that they can do.”

This was the scenario that Brene Brown posed to a group of pastors, causing many to break down in tears as they realised that they had been viewing someone within their life/community with judgement and criticism, rather than empathy and understanding.

We all fall into this trap from time to time, seeing things as we do through our own lens of life experience, skills, values and beliefs. Who amongst us can ever truly know what another person goes through each day, or the amount of effort that they put in to being a good person/parent/professional/whatever, considering their own individual life experience, personality traits, personal demons and so on.

We just don’t know… so we assume.

And if we’re going to guess – wouldn’t it be better to guess that everyone is just doing their best to get by, each and every day?  

This would mean, at least, that we would approach these people with kindness and compassion, and a willingness to understand and help; rather than looking down on them from our great high horse of superiority.



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