Happy 2018 – Day 31 – End of January Haiku

I’m delighted that I’ve hit my goal of blogging each day for the entire month on January. It’s been tough to fit it in at times, especially alongside opening up a business and all the beautiful stress that has brought! In sharing things that I’ve learnt along the way, I’ve also reminded myself of things that I’d long forgotten. This is self-help in its truest form.

In celebration, I’ve written a haiku for the end of January. Enjoy:

Resolutions. Gone.
Passed out at the ‘End of Month’
Birthday Party. Drunk.

My gym membership.
Oh dear! A two year contract?
Rotten spinach. Yikes!

Big ideas lost.
Under a ‘Mindfulness’ mag,
Smeared with chocolate.

A change of time, but
Me? “Same old.” Maybe I was
Okay all along.

Maybe I can be
Me. Not new me, just me me.
And still be happy.

Think you can add an extra verse? You’re welcome to try! As always, comments and thoughts are welcome:

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