Happy 2018 – Day 5 – Take Delight in the Little Things

If you read my blog yesterday, and practised approaching life like an alien for 24 hours (seeing everything as if for the first time) you might have noticed some things about everyday life that you normally miss. When you really practise paying attention to your surroundings and your senses, you can gain a whole new appreciation for everyday ‘little things.’

Here are ten things that I took delight in yesterday:

  1. Avocado and almond butter on toast: My favourite dose of self-love in a morning. I know I need more variety in my diet, but it’s a taste sensation people!


  2. Quiet: I’m a massive fan of noise, but sometimes quiet time is just as good as a great song. Notice I said quiet, not silent. I could still hear traffic outside, the warm hum of central heating, dogs barking outside – it was all rather comforting.
  3. Cats. Cats. More Cats: The best thing I ever did was drunkenly agree to becoming a cat owner. I was manipulated then, and have been every day since! I could just sit and watch these two all day. Everything they do fascinates me.
  4. Driving: I was driving somewhere familiar, so I listened to my go-to podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience. He was speaking to Nina Teicholz, an investigative journalist who argues that cheese, meat, and butter belong in a healthy diet. There were compelling arguments, interesting science and even a little intrigue/conspiracy, though they had me at cheese.
  5. A hug: I saw a friend and she gave me such a warm, lovely hug. It was a moment of genuine affection, true friendship and care. Or maybe she was just cold, who can say?
  6. Tidying up: I know it’s partly because I love to procrastinate, but I do genuinely enjoy tidying up. Filing papers, folding clothes, organising things into their proper place; sometimes these simple tasks are the perfect antidote for a busy brain.

7. Cutlery: Ok. I know this is an odd one, but I’ve realised that I have a favourite spoon to eat my soup with. I’ll wash it up, even if there is a draw full of other spoons to use. It’s cheap and crappy and I have no idea why I prefer it, other than the way it feels in my hand.

8. Being weird and silly: Isn’t it wonderful when you have a friend or partner that you can be completely and utterly demented with? Someone with whom you can push the boundaries of social norms, personal space and even sanity to their limits? As I used Mr. G’s beard to scratch an itch on my own face, I realised that I might be crossing a line…but he’s used to it, so we both heartily laughed about what a freak I was.

9. Hygge home: I’ve wanted to move out of my house forever but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy my surroundings while I’m here. At this time of year, when my candles are on, the cats are laying nearby and Mr. G puts a record on, I can completely relax and enjoy the hygge.

10. Things that look like things: This is really a whole post of its own, but I realised a year back that I have a strange affection for things that look like things. A door stopper that looks like a cupcake; earrings that look like avocados; a knitted Christmas pudding hat. I just really like things that look like things!

What little things did you enjoy today? Are any as strange as mine? Do you also have a favourite spoon or a penchant for food-themed jewelry? Tell me in the comments below:


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