Progress is Positive, Even if it’s Small

This month, I wanted to quit coffee (for the 100th time), get back into a consistent weights routine including weight-lifting and HIIT workouts, get outside more often, cook creatively and healthily with Mr. G, add Loving Kindness meditations to my daily practice, pick up the guitar, start learning Spanish and well… you know, loads of other impressive stuff.

The punch line is obvious isn’t it? There was no way on earth I was going to achieve all of this at once. Especially alongside a new, fascinating and challenging writing gig writing meditative sleep stories.

I guess I kinda knew that going in though. And whilst I haven’t stopped setting myself overly ambitious goals, unlike my younger self, I actually expect to fail at most of them nowadays. I’m okay with it.

I never touched a word of Spanish, stayed inside tapping away at my laptop far too often and managed all of one weights session, which was very much in keeping with this blog being so ambitious that I spent the rest of the week staggering about, struggling to walk up and down stairs.

But… for the whole month, I’ve been coffee-free, and that’s a really big deal for me. I went on the exercise bike a lot. I did get out for some walks. I managed a couple of practice sessions on the guitar. I spent some quality time with Mr. G making some healthy meals.

Am I any near to achieving all of this goals? No. But I sure am closer than I was a month ago, which is the whole point right? Hopefully by the end of next time, I’ll be even closer.

What are you working towards right now? Are you taking stock of what you’ve achieved, along with the room for improvement? Share in the comments below.

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