Xmas Shopping Part II: Experiences Beat Things

On Sunday, I wrote that Christmas shopping begins with good listening… so that our gift reflects thought, care and attention paid towards the giftee.

Today, I want to add to that by pointing out that in general, experiences mean a whole lot more than things.

Advertisements sell us things based on the idea that we are somehow not enough; that we need whatever they’re selling to become a better version of ourselves.

Of course, it’s working! We have more ‘stuff’ than ever before. We have more choice about which stuff to buy. We have more choice about how to buy said stuff, and less time to wait for it to be delivered.

Yet, the world is increasingly miserable.

So ‘things’ clearly aren’t the answer. But what is?

Maybe we need to know that we are enough, just as we are; that we don’t need to be better.

From here, we can strive to create meaningful, memorable experiences that we, ourselves, can enjoy and appreciate.

Ergo, if you’re scowering blindly for gift ideas on Amazon, pause. Consider instead: What kind of experience might make a better present? How could I treat the giftee’s senses? What kind of things do they like to do and how could I include them in the gift? 

Focus on doing, rather than having, and you’ll give your loved ones memories that last far longer than the gimmicky toys.


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