A Dickensian Quote on Kindness

Charles Dickens gave so much to the world – Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol (Scrooge!) and Bleak House being amongst my personal favourites.

He also left us with these words:

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”

Nowadays, it’s very common to measure the worth of your day by the amount of jobs you ticked off your list. Equally, it’s common to measure your own self-worth in terms of what you have achieved; what you’ve done for yourself effectively.

So instead, take a leaf out of Dickens’ many books…. and focus on helping someone else rather than yourself.

Is there something that you can say that would lighten someones’ load today?

Is there anything you can do?

What act of kindness and good deeds would let you sleep easy tonight, regardless of the personal jobs completed or left undone?


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