What’s your Dominant Question?

The internal questions that we pose to ourselves are incredibly powerful. They direct the course of our thoughts, feelings, moods and behaviour.

One man who agrees is learning coach, Jim Kwik, who suggests in his brilliant book, Limitless, that we familiarise ourselves with our dominant questions.

Let’s face it – if your dominant questions go something along the lines of, “what if I fail?” or, “how can I get out of this?” or, “why me?!!!!” (all favourites of mine!) then you’re unlikely to get a good answer.

Moreover, if these are the kind of questions that we ask, when faced with a problem, change or challenge, we can’t be surprised if we develop a habit of reacting to said situations with fear/stress/self-doubt and general negativity. Ultimately, we can’t expect useful results from useless questions.

But… if we take the time to consciously note our questions and evaluate their effectiveness, we can go about deliberately choosing their replacements – things like… “how can I make this situation better?” “what can I learn from this?” or “what can I change now/tomorrow/this month to reduce the chance of this happening again?” and so on…

Negative self-talk can carry us away like a runaway train and often it’s the questions we ask that set things into motion. By bringing self-awareness to this process – by asking better questions – we gain a little more control over the direction of our thoughts, mood and mindset, and reduce the risk of getting de-railed.

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