Thoughts on a Spooky Motorbike Encounter

Mr. G returned from work a week or so ago, eager to tell me about a spooky motorbike experience he’d had on his way home.

He said that he’d been riding down a straight road – a national speed limit road which he usually does at 60mph – when out of nowhere, for no apparent reason, his hand just started breaking. It was something he did without thinking; without reason. He slowed right down to 30 mph.

And guess what? A woman pulled out of a side-street (a street that he says he didn’t know was there) without looking, either way, straight on to the main road where he was.

Had it been any other day, he said, this would have resulted in her crashing into him on his bike, at 60mph. At those kind of speed, there’s no way he would have been able to stop.

Realistically, he wouldn’t have survived that kind of collision.

As it was – he had miraculously felt the urge to slow down, in this place where he had never before felt that urge – and so he was able to bring his bike to a stop when this careless woman moved into the main road.

So why am I writing about this? Well – for one, I think it’s weird. I’m not really a believer in guardian angels or anything like that. I think it’s much more likely that after years of experience on the bike, Mr. G’s ‘spidey senses’ are so effectively at work in his subconscious that he isn’t actually conscious of them. But this is still pretty damn cool right?!   

More than anything though, this was a visceral reminder that whilst it’s easy to take people in our lives for granted; to ignore them, complain at them, argue with them and generally not appreciate them; when you’re faced with the horrifying prospect of them not being there anymore, they instantly gain value.

It’s a troubling thought, that our friends, family and loved ones could potentially be taken away from us, without warning… but it’s also out of our hands.

So the only really effective response here is to love and appreciate and be with them, whilst-ever we have them.

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